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Area Rugs

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Area Rugs

in Longmont, CO 

An area rug is like having your cake and eating it too. Meaning, you can enjoy the beauty of having beautiful hardwood floors with the comfort and visual accent of carpeting. It’s a win - win flooring option but with so many fantastic options to choose from in terms of style, size, material, color and more; the possibilities are endless!

An area rug can be what you want it to be - it can be the starting point for decorating a space, serve as a focal point, function as floor art, or lend an exquisite finishing touch to a room. The rug can function to hide minor imperfections on the floor below, accent or dress up lovely hardwood, or add warmth to a chilly tile floor. Whatever you are looking for, there is an area rug with your name on it.

Custom rugs

in Longmont, CO 

At Bassett Carpets, we can create any custom area rug, hall rug, or stair runner from our large selection of broadloom products to help you get the perfect look in any room or space. Visit our showroom to speak with one of our expert designers to get your custom rug created!

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Here at Bassett Carpets, we have the ultimate area rug collection to suit your unique needs and style. Talk with one of our experts to find the best rug for your budget.